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Fire Safety

Safety aboard aircraft is a major concern of aircraft manufacturers and airline companies. Fire in aircraft is a severe threat to life due to large quantities of highly flammable fuel and very limited possibilities of escape.

As the number of passengers increases, fire safety is one of the most important research topics addressed to improve passenger safety.
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Challenges to Aircraft Fire Safety

During the last years, advancements in aircraft fire safety led to significant decrease of accidents. Aircraft evacuation became more effective, and ground fire fighting was improved. In consequence, air transportation is now the safest means of mass transport ever.

But the evolution of technologies and equipment in new generation of airplanes rises new challenges to aircraft fire safety. Lightweight materials such as composite materials more and more substitute aluminium. Also equipment and avionics systems need more electrical power.
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Objectives of AircraftFire Project

The objective of the AircraftFire project is to reduce the consequences of in-flight and post-crash fires to enhance the survivability of passengers and crew in new generation aircraft.

Welcome to the website of the AircraftFire EU-Project

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AircraftFire Final Workshop 

on Fire Safety in Aeronautics: Framework, Progresses, Perspectives; took place in Toulouse, France on 9th-10th September 2014 
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Evacuating the aircraft 

Fire simulation models are already available to simulate the fire development in an enclosure. The project AircraftFire plans to enhance the SMARTFIRE fire simulation software developed by Universi... 
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Test of material properties 

With the move to bigger aircraft, the safety regulations developed simultaneously. The first flammability regulations adopted between 1940 and 1960 were applicable to aircraft in the range of 50 to... 
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Fire detection 

Detection and suppression technologies are perceived to be mature and often operating in an optimal manner. Nevertheless, additional studies on smoke detectors and extinguisher systems are still ne...